Courses & Workshops



In regular weekly classes, we offer the learning of Taiko drumming in different skill groups. It does not matter if you perform the drums than just a hobby, as an exercise for your strength & stamina or whether you pursue a musically ambitious target.

We are treating everybody within the group is an individually and will help you to gain an exceptional sense of achievement.

We currently offer 1 beginner course and 1 advanced course - if required we are happy to set up more courses.


Generally speaking, we offer 2 times a month weekend workshops. This gives you the opportunity to get to know more details on the taiko drums on selected Saturdays and even learn a simple piece of music.

This is often called "trial event" and used as an entry in the regular course training.

We are happy to also offer appropriate workshops as a team-building measure or corporate event for your company. Just ask us!