History of the Ensemble

The Taiko-Performance Group "Shambala Daiko" was founded in Oktober 2009 by Jens Kadelka in Berlin.

Up to that point Jens Kadelka gathered experience with Taiko formations in Frankfurt/Main as well as lessons with Taiko Masters Katsuji Kondo as well as Art Lee during their stay in Germany.

The bandleader and at the same time Taiko Teacher, musician and Percussionist has over 30 years experience with different kind of Percussions instruments.
The first appearance in public took place on 28 October 2011 at the finals of the Kart Center at Ostbahnhof in Berlin and took 30 minutes. Wage for 10-month work of the entire ensemble was a several-minute standing ovation.

We are playing both pieces, from the classical Taiko scene, as well as pieces by renowned Japanese Taiko ensembles such as Yamato and Kodo. Since 2011, own compositions are increasingly being played, which have a western touch and sound rhythmic and groovy.

In the musical project "Shambala Project", Taiko with New Age instruments (synthesizers) is combined and developed to a completely new musical style. Background for this new form of music is and remains the spiritual significance and the setting of harmonic vibrations & frequencies.

Currently, several drum orientated people train in different learning groups and degrees with the group founder in Berlin.