The Shambala Project

Taiko-Drums meet Syntheziser

"The Shambala Project"
is the first musical project worldwide, which combines japanese Taiko-Drumming-Performance with modern and partly danceable (!) Syntheziser-Sounds.

This extraordinary combination is the harmonic connection of music and spirituality - based on a fusion of the 4000 years old culture of Taiko-Drumming with the electronic options of the modern Synthezisers. The drum sound is based on the experiences of the Taiko-Ensemble „Shambala Daiko“ - but will be played more groovy to interact with the electronic part in a 50:50 "partnership".

In 1986 the Taiko-Masters of the japanese Ensemble Kodo combined the Taiko Drums with the Synthezisers of Isao Tomita to create a wonderful peace of music. But this combination was not used for danceable music - it was a musical experiment called "Nasca Fantasy".

„The Shambala Project“ continues this experiment  to create new variations of music - like Ambient & Chill as well as progressive dance & trance music.

The first concert of this combination has been on 26.04.2013 at "Studiobühne Alte Feuerwache Berlin".