Taiko - Healthy with drumming


Solling-School Berlin -
a trendsetting project in Germany

After the teachers of the Solling-Schule Berlin were extremely enthusiastic about our Taiko project as well as our ability to teach in a health workshop in January 2013, ways and means have been found to participate at this high school project, the nation's first and so far only German student Taiko AG launched.

Under the slogan "anti-violence, anti-aggression and motivation in schools" we are working in the school year 2013/14, with the voluntarily appearing pupils of the 7th to 9 Classes in a weekly 2-hour tutorial, during which pupils collaboratively learn to play the Taiko drums and rehearse appropriate music pieces.

Particular attention is paid to the strengths but also the weaknesses of the individual participants and we are actively working on improving those.
The cooperation in the group is a supporting element and was already recorded in the first 2 weeks of enthusiastic participants.

We are particularly pleased that already after 4 days 14 pupils had applied for the AG. The project has reached a nationwide attention and will be evaluated at the end of the school year 2013/14.

But just at the current medical "diagnosis trends," such as ADD / ADHD and other suspected abnormalities, the Taiko drums are a wonderful way to let off steam, respectively, to express oneself. And one may finally be loud - in this sense "play loud".

About further requests for teaching concept as well as for carrying out or training, we look forward - as well through donations & support to ensure the project and for the further implementation in other schools, youth clubs etc.