Building Taikos


Types and Building Techniques

Taikos are not equal - different types of drums and building qualities give us a wide spectrum of Taiko drums. Not only their sounds are different - most of them are completely different in price structure.
In this listing we try to show you some well known taiko manufacterer and give you a little overview of the differences in quality & price. But in the end you have to choose yourself what type of Taiko drum you like to buy.

Shambala Taiko Manufactory - our factory for preparation & processing

We are now producing our own taiko drums, preparing older or damaged taiko drums (the corps but also the skin) as well as processing (inside for a special sound) in a japanese way. When building new Taiko drums, we use the corps of "Taikofactory Dr. Christof Manhart" or "Trommelbau Munz & Simonsen". Of course these can be processed  to get a more special sound before coloring and fixing the skin.

More Manufacterer´s


Asano Taiko - the most experienced Taiko Manufactory of Japan

Asano Taiko Inc. is known as the best Taiko Manufactory in the world - due to their experiences of more than 400 years. Quality and Sound are unique. But of course this quality has to be paid - due to this an Asano Taiko will sadly stay a dream for many drummers...

Taikofactory Dr. Christof Manhart - Building Taiko in japanese tradition

Dr. Christof Manhart is a taiko fan and player for more than 20 years now and visiting Japan constantly, getting the last news and experiences of building taikos. His Taiko drums, no matter if created from a barrel or taken from one piece of wood, are the best in sound and quality in Europe. Additionally a wonderful basis for processing.

Trommelbau Munz & Simonsen - Building drums since 1991

The carpenter´s shop "Munz & Simonsen" in Uelzen is building drums since 1991 and for many years now Taikos in different sizes. These drums are special due to the kind of cutting the stave. That reduces the pressure on the staves and the complete corp and will be a wonderful basis for processing, too.